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Canada’s leading healthcare 3PL PLUS more  


Importing to Canada

Ensuring regulatory compliance with food, drug and health guidelines.

Temperature Services

Documenting GUI-0069 compliance in ambient

and cold chain, from transportation to storage.


Quality Assurance & Compliance

Exceeding Health Canada regulations, industry
protocols and best practices on your behalf.


From transportation, warehousing and fulfillment to packaging and last mile delivery.

360-degree 3PL Solution


Our operational capabilities, innovation leadership, passion for excellence and commitment to quality in everything we do, has made Accuristix Canada’s leading 3PL healthcare provider.

From Pharmaceuticals, Biologics, Narcotics and Medical Devices to Consumer Health, Natural Health and Animal Health products, Accuristix seamlessly manages the logistics of moving more than $7 billion of healthcare products on behalf of our clients.

There’s nothing standard about our healthcare logistics solutions because Accuristix provides a number of exclusive supply chain programs and services that no other Canadian 3PL does.

How can Accuristix help you? Contact us today.

122 Stone Ridge Road

Vaughan, ON L4H 0A5


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