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The Difference

We take care of your customers and your peace of mind. As your healthcare logistics partner, Accuristix is capable of providing and managing ALL of the standard 3PL services you require to receive, store, pick, pack and ship your products.


However, there’s nothing standard about Accuristix. That’s because we provide a number of exclusive logistics and supply chain capabilities and services that NO other 3PL does.


We describe these as Accuristix 3PL+ solutions because they are a result of:

  • Providing expanded and enhanced 3PL services far beyond the basic requirements

  • Having Canadian ownership with local decision making that drives quick and timely responses to ideas, issues, and clients’ enhancement requests

  • Recognizing and incorporating changing regulatory and industry requirements

  • Customizing solutions for every client’s need rather than using standard cookie cutter approaches

  • Executing all functions with excellence through people who care

  • Empowering your business with the latest cutting edge technologies to move your products to your customers


Starting with assembling a dedicated team and determining business rules to creating a responsive IT framework, Accuristix seamlessly implements your business requirements, whatever they are. In short, with Accuristix anything is possible.

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