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Client Partnership

At Accuristix, we understand our clients’ business requirements and build processes to provide seamless and cost effective logistics solutions. While our client partnerships are built on a foundation of governance and discipline, we remain flexible to meet changing regulatory and client needs.


Dedicated Resources – Client Solution Managers

To achieve a true partnership, we assign dedicated client solution managers to ensure there is routine and ongoing communication with our clients across all departments at all levels of the business. The client solution managers are charged with having a global view of their accounts. They function as a single point of senior contact between all departments internally and externally. They schedule Quarterly Business Reviews, lead project initiatives on behalf of their clients, assess issues for resolution and are responsible for creating detailed client manuals to document the management of their clients’ business.



Accuristix follows best practices and Quality Assurance regulations as outlined by GMP Standard Operating Procedures and client-specific documentation and training on products and processes. We have a history of delivering flawless new client implementations using our in-depth project management experience and discipline. Our experience gives us valuable insight and knowledge to design and deliver logistics programs that will exceed your expectations and be transparent to your customers.

Supply Chain Visibility

Our leading IT capabilities allow our clients to view their entire supply chain in real time. From order management, warehouse transactions and inventory availability with lot and expiry control to shipped order status, booked appointment times and proof of delivery, Accuristix provides our clients with secure access to all of their information 24/7 online.

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